About Buenas Vibras


Buenas Vibras is a minoroity-owned CBD brand in Phoenix, Arizona. With a steadfast commitment to quality, safety and purity, we have set out to create superior CBD products that people everywhere can trust.

Our Products

As the popularity of CBD surges – and for good reason – an abundance of products has hit the market, many of which lack the quality and purity necessary to retain the whole-body benefits. It’s then left up to the consumer to distinguish between the trustworthy products and the fly-by-night products – which can be a tricky task.

At Buenas Vibras, we are committed to manufacturing products you can count on. We treat our customers like we treat our own family. That means we don’t produce anything that we wouldn’t take ourselves or give to our loved ones.

United by a common goal to provide the cleanest, most effective CBD products, we partner with the best-of-the-best in the industry.

We Source Our Hemp from Reliable Farms
  • We only work with licensed hemp growers in the United States.
  • We vet each farm prior to working with them. This process includes a full financial background check and a physical tour of the farm to ensure they meet our standards for cultivation.
  • We work with four major hemp farms today. They’re innovative industry leaders, developing new strains and the latest processes for cultivating safe, effective hemp.

We Triple Test Our CBD Oil

  • Our farms provide a Certification of Authenticity with every batch of CBD oil delivered, documenting cannabinoid content as well as any pesticides used and heavy metals. If the batch does not meet our stringent requirements for quality and safety, it is rejected.
  • We then send the batch of CBD oil to a third-party testing facility to verify claims made by the farms.
  • After the Buenas Vibras product is manufactured, we send a sample of the finished product for third and final test to ensure we have not introduced any foreign matter into the formulation or diluted the dosage.

We Abide by Cutting-Edge Extraction Processes

  • We can offer a variety of base oils in every product we manufacture, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, water soluble and nanoemulsion.
  • We work closely with FDA-certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices-certified (cGMP) extraction companies, including Folium Biosciences, to develop safe, stable and consistent processes for extracting oil.
  • Our partners employ organic and biological chemists, representing some of the greatest minds currently working in the industry.

We Insist on Pure and Consistent Results

  • Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we strive to develop the purest CBD products possible.
  • Our base oils and enhancements deliver their own nutraceutical benefits in addition to those provided by CBD.
  • We source all ingredients – in addition to CBD – ethically and from cGMP-certified companies.
  • We use certified-organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • We are pioneering the use of plant-based terpenes for flavoring.
  • We can infuse CBD into virtually any product: tinctures, edibles, topicals, softgels, capsules, cosmetics, pet products – you name it.

Interested in Partnering with Buenas Vibras?

We are proud to partner with businesses nationwide to help them sell, produce and distribute the highest quality CBD products. We’re able to provide white labelling and wholesale options. Plus, if you have a brilliant idea for a CBD product, we can help you develop it from start to finish.

Contact us to learn more.


Send Good Vibes by Becoming a Buenas Vibras Brand Ambassador

We are looking for health-conscious men and women to join our growing team of Buenas Vibras Brand Ambassadors. Ambassadors are committed to health and wellness, sharing the benefits and healing power of CBD with the world via authentic online platforms.

CBD is a powerful supplement that is still largely misunderstood by the masses. Ambassadors play an essential role in educating the public about CBD’s benefits, dispelling myths and normalizing natural healing practices for the body and mind.

Whether we’re using CBD to enhance athletic recovery, ease symptoms of chronic illness or improve sleep, we are one community, dedicated to spreading awareness about the immense therapeutic properties of CBD.

Opportunities for Buenas Vibras Brand Ambassadors:
  • Educate your audience about the benefits of CBD and natural healing alternatives
  • Collaborate with the Buenas Vibrass team to create campaigns aligned with your audience
  • Potential to be featured in Buenas Vibras social media content
  • Earn commissions through affiliate links/codes